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OWI Quarterly Newsletter - March 2012

The motto of Kenya is Harambee, "Let us all pull together."

Quarterly Newsletter March 2012

  Message from OWI

Starting this month we have decided to add a bit of color and style to our updates on the Orphans Program and OWI projects. The updates will be sent to you quarterly via email to keep you abreast of what's  going on and let you know how you can help. We hope you enjoy reading all about those who are touched by your prayers and generosity. And, of course, any ideas or thoughts on content are welcome. OWI belongs to us all, we're in this together!

A group of orphans and their guardian  sing at Orphan Day, 2011.

Join us for the upcoming Trinity Broadcasting Network taping and be a donation just for coming!

TBN will pay OWI $20 per person in attendance for the taping of the Praise Live Show. The next taping will be on April 19 - The featured host is Clifton Davis and guests will be; Gavin MacLeod, Gregory  Dickow, Ken Mansfield , Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis & Kevin Le Var. The subsequent taping will be on May 17. Look for the email with all the details coming soon.      

Group of fundraisers attending the TBN taping Jan 26, 2012

Alice Wanyama, President of OWI-Kenya, visits the US

In October 2011, the president of OWI-Kenya, Alice Wanyama, made her very first trip out of her country to the United States. It was all very exciting for both Alice and OWI-US. The purpose of her trip was to meet those people here that make a difference to the orphans and people of her village and country. Also, she was here to raise funds to further support the programs  already started and to talk about upcoming plans to develop those projects. Some highlights of her trip were: attending the Praise venue at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA and meeting Pastor Rick Warren; being introduced to some of the orphan sponsors; an LA city tour with a recent team traveler, Dr. Martha Preciado, of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Olvera Street; flying in a two-seater prop plane courtesy of Dr. Clinton Beyerle; taking a boat trip to see the California whales and dolphins; speaking at homes and at Lifeline Community Fellowship Church.  Her two week visit was productive, fun and real blessing to all of us.

From left clockwise: Pastor Rick Warren, sponsor Jessica Malvin, Alva Copeland and Dr Clinton Beyerle.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: Look after the orphans and widows in their distress.   James 1:27

Everlyne Wasike, OWI Guardian

Tears of joy roll down Everlyne Wasike's cheeks as she shares her personal story with social worker Pamela on how becoming a guardian in Ordinary Women's Orphan Program (OP) has changed her life.

Everlyne looks into her children's bedroom and sees a mattress, with blankets on it and a mosquito net to protect them at night from contracting Malaria. These are things they never could afford even when her husband was alive. Her children are now attending school and wearing uniforms paid for by the Orphan Program and have the necessary books they need. Each month she receives a portion of food for each child in the program. This has improved the health of the children immensely. In fact, Everlyne knows that her children are better off now than many other children in her village whose family consist of two parents. Phoebe, her first born has been in the program from the start as one of the pioneer orphans. She attended primary and secondary school in the program then went on to college (due to the generous support of her sponsor) to study to be a teacher. With diploma in hand, Phoebe has been hired as a primary school teacher. Her income will help her mother Everlyne and her siblings live more comfortably. "This year the school fees have gotten much higher. In fact, my neighbor failed to pay the fees for his children despite the fact that both him and his wife are employed. I really thank the program for paying the school fees for my daughter who joined Form One (9th grade) this year" Everlyne said.

Being a part of the group of 66 guardians has created many close friendships with women in Everlyne's situation. Just recently the guardian group decided to start a unique program amongst themselves called Table Banking. Each guardian pays into the "bank" a small amount of shillings monthly. They then have the opportunity to take out a small loan from the bank to help start a business or plant a garden or whatever they need. Everlyne is a fish monger; she needed the loan to help boost her business. The loan helped her business and she has since paid the loan back.

In Everlyne's own words "I lack words to thank the program that has brought life to my family. I used to have stress after the death of my husband and looked at life as a curse, blaming God for all that had happened. But now I have learned that God can do a miracle despite your situation."



Ordinary Women Inc will once again travel to Kenya July 27th- Aug 10th 2012.  Our tentative itinerary includes mobile medical clinics, a women's conference, the orphans' annual birthday party and participation in the International Health Promotion Conference in Kitale .


The travel cost is all-inclusive, including an R&R at a Safari Resort for 2 nights. Total cost for trip is $3600. If you are interested in going, email Marjaana at


We know that many would love to go but the cost is an issue.  Would you prayerfully consider donating to the team to help pay for the medical supplies and food needed for these events? All donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to:

Ordinary Women Inc

26861 Trabuco Road, Suite E#146

Mission Viejo, CA, 92691


    Ordinary Women Inc

  26861 Trabuco Road, Suite E#146,   Mission Viejo, Ca  92691

If you would like to be removed from the OWI email database, please REPLY to this email with "REMOVE" as the subject line.

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